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Meet up with friends, go shopping or partying. Study, work, relax on the banks of the Neckar River. Treat yourself to some ice cream, cram in the library, go running in the park. Poetry slam, students’ union party and off to the club

No matter whether you are enrolled at the university, do casual jobs, undergo vocational training or take the first steps up the career ladder. You are young and adventurous, and you do not want to waste any of your valuable time.

This will give you some tips and information that help you make the best possible use of your leisure time in Heilbronn.

Further information is available in German, for English please use google translate (see above).


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The City. The Country. The River.

Shopping and Dining.
In Heilbronn, shopping is a relaxed experience. The “small big city”, as Heilbronn is often called, is a place of short distances. In the city centre alone, you will find 400 shops and restaurants. There are small, owner-run shops as well as renowned chain stores, such as in the Stadtgalerie shopping mall. Need to recharge your batteries after a shopping spree? No problem, there are plenty of restaurants just around the corner. Eateries ranging from Asian to traditional Swabian cuisine, cosy cafés and snug bars tempt you to come in and enjoy the food and drink. And in the evenings, the  city’s cultural scene has something to offer for everyone, from theatre performances to poetry slams.

Parks. Green Spaces. Vineyards.
Heilbronn is a very green city. The extensive lawns in the Pfühlpark, Wertwiesenpark and Ziegeleipark public gardens, on the former grounds of the federal horticultural show and in the botanical orchard are ideal places to unwind and party with friends. If you feel like it, grab your picnic rug and textbooks and enjoy nature while studying.

Vineyards are a hallmark of the landscape around the city, so it comes as no surprise that wine plays a major role in Heilbronn. Let your thoughts drift while you saunter through the vineyards, enjoy the view from a deck chair with a glass of wine in your hand or turn night into day at the legendary Weindorf wine festival – there are as many options as there are offerings at the wineries. Welcome to Heilbronn, the city of wine

Experience the Neckar River.
The Neckar River is Heilbronn’s lifeline, and especially on long summer days its banks are bustling with urban life until late at night. The riverfront Neckarmeile with its many restaurants, cafés and bars  is a centre of attraction for both locals and visitors alike. However, you can also have a lot of fun on the river itself. How about an evening barbecue on a BBQ donut or a round of pedalo boating? Sporty folks can let off some steam rowing, dragon boating or stand-up paddleboarding – or they can go cycling or inline-skating along the Neckar River. #Neckarerleben


Getting to know Heilbronn.

Heilbronn is yours to discover in a variety of ways - on foot, by hop-on hop-off bus, riding a Segway, by canoe or by boat. Virtual city tours allow you to see Heilbronn’s landmarks even before you arrive.

By the way, speaking of getting to know ...

Internship at Heilbronn’s city marketing organisation

Are you still looking for a position for your obligatory internship? We, Heilbronn Marketing GmbH, offer internships in the fields of
marketing and social media and event management


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